Is It a Hormone Problem?

Brain fog, inability to lose weight, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, depression...these are just a few symptoms that may signal an undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed hormone issue. Take our hormone quiz to find out if this may be the reason for these symptoms...

A New Kind of Health Care

You're in the right place.

Are you looking for a way to get your energy back and feel happy again? Do tiredness, aches and pains, digestion issues, sleep problems or depression keep you from doing the things you love? When you’re raising teens, helping aging parents, and working hard, you’re dealing with stress all day long. Busy women who are driven to help and serve others are often continually under stress, leaving them prone to health conditions like thyroid and hormone imbalances. Symptoms can take a severe, pervasive toll on your well-being.

There's nothing more important than your health.

Unfortunately, many women try to “just deal” with how poorly they feel or assume it’s the new “normal.” But burn out, fatigue and a joyless existence aren’t okay. They separate you from the life you deserve—the one you’re missing or struggling with every day. All the meaningful work you want to do for family members, friends, yourself, and your community should be the same energizing source of fulfillment and joy they always have been!

Individualized care for your unique concerns.

Maybe you’ve tried antidepressants, sleeping pills, supplements, or other doctor-recommended medications but they haven’t helped. You may even have been told there’s nothing wrong with you. But you know how you feel, and how you feel matters. If you’re ready for freedom from the fatigue, achiness and other symptoms holding you back, we offer a different solution. We will listen to you--really listen to you and then help you. 

our goal is to help women who are feeling tired and burned out, feel great again.

Who We Work With

we're a great fit for...

Women who know or suspect that they have hormone issues, including thyroid and autoimmune conditions. Our patients are typically age 40 to 65, and they feel tired and stressed out.

Patients who are interested in setting their your own health goals, and are excited to work with a whole community of people who will support and hold them accountable.

Patients who are willing to learn about improving their mind, body and spirit. They are committed to improving their health through food and stress resilience techniques. They believe in their own bodies' healing potential.

we don't work with...

Patients who expect quick results with very little effort on their part. In other words we won't be a fit for you if you are not willing to take responsibility for your own health.

Patients who think the ONLY way to address health concerns is by taking prescription medications. You must be willing to explore various approaches to your health care.

Patients who are not open to changing their diet or lifestyle in order to feel better. If you are not inclined to improve in these areas, we will not be a fit to work together.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Customized Care

To save time many providers treat symptoms instead of addressing causes. The ‘quick fix’ does not always work. We take our time to create a plan that is just for you. 

Proven Results

Using specialized testing we find the underlying imbalances - that actually cause disease. After testing, we assess the root problem which allows us to treat the disease.

Personal Passion

Watching a person transition from illness to wellness is our greatest joy. We're dedicated to partnering with EVERY patient. We’re here to help you feel better. 

Education for Our Patients

We can teach you how to regain your health, energy, clear skin, sharp mind and improve your mood. You can live a peaceful, purposeful life without the symptoms dragging you down.

Whole Body Care

Are you ready to regain your health, energy, clear skin, sharp mind, and improve your mood? You can live a peaceful, purposeful life without the symptoms dragging you down.

Integrative Approach

Using many different approaches we evaluate your diet, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and stress levels. With this, patients enjoy wellness and vitality.

Our Team Will Fully Support You Throughout
Your Health Journey.

What Our Patients Are Saying

holistic approach

"I decided 20 years ago to leave the frustration of traditional clinical medicine with physicians who saw 30 plus patients a year. I am now working with Dr Tramp. This holistic approach to my healthcare includes meeting with Dr Tramp to address my concerns. And guess what? She takes the time to listen in an environment that is supportive.

— Kristin Wing

She is helping me heal

"Dr. Tramp not only cares about her patients, but she doesn't just throw pills at symptoms. She knows how to find the root of the disease process and reverse it. She is helping me heal when dozens of other doctors said they couldn't even help me feel better."

— Brenda Montag

this is the place to be

"If I could provide over 5 stars I would. This group of practitioners and care staff are simply amazing. I have never felt so cared for in an office nor have I been so heard and listened to.  If you want a team that will partner with you and walk along side you...this is the place to be."

— Hannah Duncan

The Importance of Finding The Right Doctor

We know it takes time to dig deep and get to the bottom of what’s happening with your health. We utilize many modalities for healing patients. To make the most of all that’s available, we’ll continually research how you are feeling to figure out what’s working, or what might be more helpful. There simply isn’t time for this level of dedication in a traditional medical practice... READ MORE

Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Your Health

Every patient we work with receives customized care, extensive support, and above all, the opportunity to be heard by a team who truly listens and wants to understand what you’re experiencing. Our patients are heard and receive support like never before! Our work together will involve an unprecedented level of in-depth, personalized care... READ MORE

We Help Patients Find Their Path To Wellness

Are you looking for a way to get your energy back and feel happy again? If you’re stuck and can’t find a solution that really makes a difference in how you feel, we can help. You can regain your health, energy, clear skin, sharp mind, and improve your mood. You can live a peaceful, purposeful life without the symptoms dragging you down... READ MORE

Meet Dr. Casey Tramp

Dr. Tramp has been a practicing family medicine doctor since she graduated from the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1999. 

She finished her family medicine residency at Baptist Medical Center in KC, MO and followed that with a fellowship in obstetrics at Truman Lakewood in KC, MO. 

Dr. Tramp also has a life long interest in integrative medicine. She began studying integrative medicine during medical school and has continued through-out her career. 

Since 2011 she has been practicing and learning functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine and has recently finished certification. She has also completed Andrew Weil’s 200-hour Integrative Fellowship for faculty physicians. 

Dr. Tramp became convinced of how well functional medicine works as she saw more and more patient’s lives transformed. She is dedicated to spreading the word that there is a way to restore balance in the bodies and lives of her patients—which will allow them to heal... READ MORE

100% Guarantee

We 100% guarantee to care for you as if you are a member of our family. We will listen. We will partner with you. You will always be an individual; we never use a one-size-fits-all approach. We guarantee individualized, precise, holistic care to get to the root of the problem.

Who We Are

At Sastun Direct, our goal is to help women who are feeling tired and burned out feel great again. We use a well-rounded approach that includes functional lab testing, lifestyle consulting, personalized nutrition, supplementation, classroom education, stress reduction with the revolutionary BrainTap®, and HeartMath® and saunas.


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