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Dr. Casey Tramp, MD

Family Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Menopause Specialist

Casey Tramp, MD is a certified functional medicine and family medicine doctor who is passionate about helping families and individuals in a supportive environment. 

She became passionate about helping people find the root cause of their problems after spending many years in traditional medicine, where she became disillusioned with not having enough time or tools to really partner with patients to improve their health.

Casey became convinced of how well functional medicine works as she saw more and more patient’s lives transformed. She is dedicated to spreading the word that there is a way to restore balance in the bodies and lives of her patients—which will allow them to heal.

Dr. Tramp has been a practicing family medicine doctor since she graduated from the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1999.  She finished her family medicine residency at Baptist Medical Center in KC, MO and followed that with a fellowship in obstetrics at Truman Lakewood in KC, MO.

“A medical doctor who sees 30 patients a day certainly cares for every patient. But it’s awfully hard to hear much of what patients have to say in a 10-minute visit.” –Dr. Casey Tramp

Dr. Tramp also has a life long interest in integrative medicine.  She began studying integrative medicine during medical school and has continued through-out her career. 

Since 2011 she has been practicing and learning functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine and has recently finished certification.  

She has also completed Andrew Weil’s 200-hour Integrative Fellowship for faculty physicians.Casey strongly believes that health is within each person’s reach and isn’t dependent on people taking another pill. 

She has a husband and 2 boys who are pretty passionate about health too! One of her favorite memories is of her first son coming home from kindergarten and asking why they were trying to poison him at school with “all those artificial foods”.

Meet The Rest Of Our Amazing Team

Angela Katzer


Angela has been a Nurse Practitioner for the past 15 years working in a variety of roles including Family Medicine, Urgent Care, and Integrative Medicine. She graduated with honors from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. 

She is certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine and is in the process of earning a Fellowship in Herbal Medicine through the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine.

Angela also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from Truman State University, and a strong background in fitness and competitive sports. She has a passion for helping people achieve their optimum health and reach goals that they never felt possible. 

She actually got interested in Integrative Medicine years ago in an attempt to heal herself.  In doing so, she uncovered a passion for using this method with her patients- digging for the root problems and using her core beliefs of healthy nutrition, life balance, stress reduction, and movement to support healing.

She is a mother of 3 teenagers which she does her best to keep up with and often outpace! She loves to read, play guitar, sing, exercise, and do anything and everything outdoors!

Heather Beatty

Health and Nutrition Coach 

Heather has a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine and has worked in the fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and class instructor for over a decade. 

She loves to encourage and educate others to create healthy lifelong changes and believes that there is no one way of healthy eating, exercising and living that works for everyone as we are all on a different health journey. 

She loves being part of the process to help others find what works best for them to find healing and create sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, working out, trying new recipes and soaking up sunshine.

Renee Jouret


Renee’s radiant smile and positive attitude brighten our office every day. We would love to bottle her eternal optimism! Renee is a wife and mother to 3 boys. She enjoys bike rides and watching her boys wrestle. Renee receives so much joy in helping others. Need a closet organized? Renee is your girl!

Adra McCrea RN

Patient Care Coordinator

Adra serves as your nurse extraordinaire and patient coordinator!  She will work to help you get all of the details done. Her attention to detail will benefit you!   

For many generations, the women in her family have not lived past 70 years, so she is doing something about that!  Her plan is to be healthy and vibrant so she can see her future grandchildren grow up, she started her health and wellness journey in 2016. Adra says,“It has been a slow process of learning and changing my habits”.

She loves to read, crochet and craft when she is not taking care of her 5 kids (yes 5!). She can’t wait to take care of you, too!

Jen Figgins


“As a patient of Dr. Tramp’s since 2008 there’s no one else I’d trust my health to.” Now Jen feels so blessed to be a part of the Sastun team and help others on their journey.

5 Star customer service is what Jen strives to provide each person who walks through the door.

She’s an experienced traveler, an avid reader and enjoys antiquing and home DIY projects.  She’s a busy wife and mother to 3 wonderful teenagers.

Angela Katzer


Carrie Martin 

Registered Nurse

Carrie has been a nurse for the past 22 years and enjoyed a variety of settings in the healthcare world. She is also a certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and practices energy work. She has five daughters, one grandson, and is looking forward to all the grandchildren to come!

Carrie enjoys connecting with people and has a passion for helping others. She enjoys reading, yoga, hiking, continuing to learn, and being outside with nature.

Hannah Watson

Certified Raindrop Facilitator 

Hannah is a CARE Certified Raindrop Facilitator (The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education). She is continuing her education to become a Raindrop Specialist and an Emotional Release Specialist.

She is married to her best friend, Adam and they have 4 amazing kids.


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At Sastun Direct, our goal is to help women who are feeling tired and burned out feel great again. We use a well-rounded approach that includes functional lab testing, lifestyle consulting, personalized nutrition, supplementation, classroom education, stress reduction with the revolutionary BrainTap®, and HeartMath® and saunas.


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