Metabolic Reset Program

We’ll help you lose excess weight...

Metabolic Reset Program

This twelve-week program is an effective weight loss solution that provides long-lasting, sustainable results. Patients typically lose 15-45 pounds! We’ll help you lose excess weight and teach you how to be healthy for life.

We Use A Personalized Approach

Your personal health coach will help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

For those who LOVE learning and are seeking even more education about finding the right nutrition, resetting their metabolism, and removing toxins, we offer an additional six-month online program. Each month, you'll be assigned 45-minutes to an hour's worth of work, including videos that will help support you on your journey.

An Effective Solution For Weight Loss

The Metabolic Reset helps participants lose excess weight and learn how to be healthy for life! We are committed to improving the health and well being of all our clients. 

Our 12-week program is an effective weight loss solution providing long-lasting, sustainable results. We provide a personalized approach to weight loss without the use of weight loss medications or shots.

Patients typically lose 15-45 pounds! We’ll help you lose excess weight and teach you how to be healthy for life.

12-Week Metabolic Reset Program Includes:

• 1 hour Comprehensive Metabolic Intake with your health coach

 12 Weekly group coaching calls

 Revolutionary BRAIN TAP program — addresses emotional eating

 Daily Health Tips and Accountability by email

 Private Facebook Group

 Metabolic Support Drops

 Metabolic Reset Instruction Manual

 Gut Health Probiotic and Detoxification Support Packs

 Metabolic Reset Recipe Book

 Unlimited Email Access to Your Health Coach

We Educate Our Patients

Your personal health coach will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Our personalized approach does not include weight loss medications or injections.

Your health coach will have weekly group Zoom meetings and a private MRP Facebook page. These are great ways to keep checked in to your program, receive valuable tips, recipes, accountability and encouragement. 

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She really cares

Dr Tramp has been awesome! She will get to the root cause of your illness. She really cares and listens to your concerns. She’ll work with you to come up with a plan that fits your needs. Her staff is very friendly and helpful as well!

— Savannah Roberts

Our Patients See Results

Thanks So Much Sastun!

— Tia Douglas

For the majority of my young adult life I have been considerably overweight eventually graduating to an obese state which led to a severe unhealthy lifestyle. I was extremely unhappy about who I was and the way that I looked. I spent so much time complaining about my health and my lifestyle however never taking the time to do anything about it. 

For instance I would go shopping and be completely dissatisfied with the choice of clothes I had available and the way they looked on me. I would go in the dressing room and cry constantly wishing I had a different body. I would walk to the parking lot at work and be so uncomfortable because my body was in pain from being out of breath or my back hurting because I was so unhealthy. 

I realized I had hit my personal rock bottom and enough was enough. Scrolling across Instagram one day, I came across Sastun Direct and decided to give them a call. I didn't know anything about functional medicine practices or what it meant, all I knew is that I wanted to make a change and the change needed to happen now. So I made the call and needless to say that call changed my life. I am so happy I made the decision to join the program. 

I was terrified at first thinking I didn't have the will power to successfully complete the program. I felt discouraged at first, but with much continued support from family and co-workers, I felt compelled to power through. It's been a year just this past August since I walked into Sastun and I've never looked back. I have better knowledge about eating healthy and making better decisions with my overall health. 

I've lost 120lbs and am working consistently to keep it off. It is a challenge however, I strive everyday to maintain and commit to a healthy lifestyle. I've enjoyed the journey and I am so ecstatic about the transformation. I couldn't ask for a better team of people. Dr. Tramp and her team were so courteous, kind and understanding. I've learned so much about nutrition from Heather and her mindful strategies were extremely helpful each week. 

Angela was very professional and encouraging with my medical goals. Jen probably made the biggest difference. It helps to walk into a space where you are consistently greeted with a smile and a warm and inviting presence and encouraging words. Jen was always so attentive and helpful. She continues to provide support even after I completed my program. 

I can truly say I appreciate the journey and I am helping others to inspire healthy change in their lives as well as a result of my success. Thanks so much Sastun! 


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At Sastun Direct, our goal is to help women who are feeling tired and burned out feel great again. We use a well-rounded approach that includes functional lab testing, lifestyle consulting, personalized nutrition, supplementation, classroom education, stress reduction with the revolutionary BrainTap®, and HeartMath® and saunas.


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