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Sastun is the place you need to be

If I could provide over 5 start I would. This group of practitioners and care staff are simply amazing.  I have never felt so cared for in an office nor have I been so heard and listened to.  If you want a team that will partner with you and walk along side you in your journey then Sastun is the place you need to be.

— Hannah Duncan

She takes the time to listen 

I decided 20 years ago to leave the frustration of traditional clinical medicine with physicians who saw 30 plus patients a year. I started with Dr Murray, founder, and am now working with Dr Tramp. This holistic approach to my healthcare includes meeting with Dr Tramp to address my concerns. And guess what? She takes the time to listen in an environment that is supportive, a little zen like with a professional caring staff. With functional medicine ALL of your concerns are addressed- and as is usually the case, they are often intertwined. Imagine spending an hour talking with your doc? Well, you can at Sastun.

— Kristin Wing


The entire Sastun staff and Dr. Tramp provide excellent patient care and responsive service. Dr. Tramp helped me to restore a healthier hormone balance - saving me from losing my mind! Truly appreciate all of them and the Sastun approach.

— De'an Bass

She knows how to find the root of the disease

Dr. Tramp  not only cares about her patients,  but she doesn't just throw pills at symptoms.  She knows how to find the root of the disease process and reverse it. She is helping me heal when dozens of other Dr's said they couldn't even help me feel better. The whole health care team at Sastun share the goal of helping you be the best you can be. I feel so blessed to have found her and them.

— Brenda Montag

Dr. Tramp is amazing

Dr. Tramp is amazing.  Very informative, easily accessible, very caring for our whole family.

— Amy Moran Sramek

she spent the time to truly listen

Dr Tramp gave me my life back. The first day I met her, she spent the time to truly listen and she got to the root of the problem without using pharmaceuticals to bandage the problems. I went from spending 97% of my time in bed to getting off disability and holding a full time job. Highly recommend her!

— Melissa Kahler

Wish we would have met her 20 years ago

"Dr. Tramp has been a great health partner for our family. She got us all on the right track to address our individual health issues. I have RA and we spent the first year making sure my diet and supplements were aligned to assist with this condition. Wish we would have met her 20 years ago."

— Cynthia Savage


Dr Tramp and her staff are amazing. They care. They listen. They go the extra mile with my health. Functional medicine is about prevention and also treating things in a gentle and natural way.  It’s about looking at the whole body and the whole person and not just at lab numbers and prescriptions. If you want someone to dig deep into the root causes of why you aren’t feeling so great and helping you restore your life, then this is the place to call.

— Suzette Mack

an amazing physician

"Dr. Tramp is an amazing physician who takes her time listening to you so she can get the clearest most comprehensive picture of what is going on. She has alternate approaches to medicine that have proved useful and beneficial to my overall health."

— Linda Kozacek

After every class my soul feels peaceful

Dr. Tramp's breathwork class is amazing. If you are interested in getting a good, deep relaxing meditation, these classes are for you!  I've never experienced anything like it prior to meeting Dr. Tramp. I'm grateful she brought breathwork into my life.

— Kelly Wornall


Dr Tramp has been awesome! She will get to the root cause of your illness. She really cares and listens to your concerns. She’ll work with you to come up with a plan that fits your needs. Her staff is very friendly and helpful as well!

— Savannah Roberts


Dr. Casey Tramp and functional medicine has been a life saver for me. Dr. Tramp's experience and in-depth patient care is amazing.  Everyone should have the type of care offered at Sastun Direct.

— Patricia Burns

They have a great intro program 

Dr. Tramp and her staff are interested and trained in functional medicine. They have a great intro program if you have no idea what's going on. If you need to see an out of network doctor often, their subscription service is a great idea.

— Jeannette Schafer

I’m grateful to have chosen this clinic 

Dr. Tramp and her team are a blessing in my life. They are attentive, kind, caring and help in any way you need. I’m grateful to have chosen this clinic as my primary health provider and I highly recommend it to others.

Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi

I am virtually pain free 

The Sastun team are a wonderful group! I’ve never felt so heard or cared for by my doctor’s office! I still have lots of work to do, but I feel so much better today than I did at my first appointment! I am virtually pain free after years of constant joint and body pain and without prescription drugs!

— Lisa Murry

Thanks So Much Sastun!

— Tia Douglas

For the majority of my young adult life I have been considerably overweight eventually graduating to an obese state which led to a severe unhealthy lifestyle. I was extremely unhappy about who I was and the way that I looked. I spent so much time complaining about my health and my lifestyle however never taking the time to do anything about it. 

For instance I would go shopping and be completely dissatisfied with the choice of clothes I had available and the way they looked on me. I would go in the dressing room and cry constantly wishing I had a different body. I would walk to the parking lot at work and be so uncomfortable because my body was in pain from being out of breath or my back hurting because I was so unhealthy. 

I realized I had hit my personal rock bottom and enough was enough. Scrolling across Instagram one day, I came across Sastun Direct and decided to give them a call. I didn't know anything about functional medicine practices or what it meant, all I knew is that I wanted to make a change and the change needed to happen now. So I made the call and needless to say that call changed my life. I am so happy I made the decision to join the program. 

I was terrified at first thinking I didn't have the will power to successfully complete the program. I felt discouraged at first, but with much continued support from family and co-workers, I felt compelled to power through. It's been a year just this past August since I walked into Sastun and I've never looked back. I have better knowledge about eating healthy and making better decisions with my overall health. 

I've lost 120lbs and am working consistently to keep it off. It is a challenge however, I strive everyday to maintain and commit to a healthy lifestyle. I've enjoyed the journey and I am so ecstatic about the transformation. I couldn't ask for a better team of people. Dr. Tramp and her team were so courteous, kind and understanding. I've learned so much about nutrition from Heather and her mindful strategies were extremely helpful each week. 

Angela was very professional and encouraging with my medical goals. Jen probably made the biggest difference. It helps to walk into a space where you are consistently greeted with a smile and a warm and inviting presence and encouraging words. Jen was always so attentive and helpful. She continues to provide support even after I completed my program. 

I can truly say I appreciate the journey and I am helping others to inspire healthy change in their lives as well as a result of my success. Thanks so much Sastun! 

Sastun Direct has been wonderful 

— Brenda Hicks

After a dog bite and harsh antibiotics that resulted in a bout of C-diff in ‘19 my gastrointestinal system never did regain any semblance of normalcy. At the beginning of February this year I began working with Sastun Direct, out of Overland Park, KS. 

Casey Tramp, MD has a phenomenal functional medicine program that has cleansed and repaired my gut. I highly recommend her to anyone 18-years-old and up!

The photo of me on the left is from March 9, 2022. shortly after I started my program. The one on the right was taken June 29, 2022. In addition to the differences I can feel, I can also see changes in my skin tone, inner light/energy and face shape. 

What a difference working the plan truly makes! Everyone at Sastun Direct has been wonderful and helpful every step of the way! I love it!

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