Raindrop Session

It’s a relaxing, gentle technique that everyone can benefit from...

What is Raindrop and what can it do for you?

Raindrop is an anointing of oils, laying on of hands and intercessory prayer. It has the ability to detox your body and bring it back into better health. Eight essential oils are applied to the feet and spine. It’s a relaxing, gentle technique that everyone can benefit from.

Raindrop is an experience that:

● balances energy

● releases toxins

● reduces pain and inflammation

● helps improve immune function

● facilitates open energy flow throughout the body

● can facilitate the release of pent-up negative emotions

● creates a harmonious balance of every system of the body

How long is a Raindrop Session?

Plan on spending 1.5 hours with Hannah. You’ll start with a short chat about how you are feeling and discuss any health concerns you may have. The Raindrop Session itself takes 1 hour.

you will love the experience and her!

“I’ve had quite a few Raindrops over the years but none have been as good as Hannah’s. She has a calming presence that immediately eases my tension and nerves. She is attentive and caring throughout the entire process, even prays over you for specific needs. Her knowledge of the oils and their uses make the experience even better, as she is willing to work with you and the needs of your body. I highly recommend Raindrop with Hannah - you will love the experience and her!”

— Emily

It felt wonderful

“I was lucky enough to be able to have Hannah Watson give me a Raindrop. She did a wonderful job. She was very professional, kind and caring. It felt wonderful as she was doing it. Starting with my feet, making them feel very relaxed with the oils and then moving to my back, making my whole body feel relaxed and wonderful. She measured my height before and after the session. There was a 3⁄4” increase after the session! I had a sore back before she started and felt better after she was done. I will definitely be having her do another one in the future.”

— Patricia

If you're suffering from unresolved symptoms and are ready to feel your best, let's chat!

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